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Fat SEO & Digital Services is a boutique performance based marketing company with our head office based just outside of the Melbourne CBD. Here at Fat SEO & Digital Services we are passionate about all things digital marketing related whether that be building a brand new stunning website, helping to convert and increase sales from current traffic volumes or increasing the presence of a company through branding and huge volumes of traffic. Everything we touch has the mission of increasing authority and financial growth for a website in its digital space.


Elegantly engineered, built for growth and easy to manage.

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Elegantly engineered, built for growth and easy to manage.

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We help define your goals, then come up with the plan to meet.

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Web Design Development and SEO Specialists

Search Engine Optimisation

Fat SEO & Digital Services offers a comprehensive SEO to suit all business types and sizes. Gone are the old days of search engine optimisation where spamming a site heavily with as much content as you could and dodgy tactics to launch a site’s ranking position. Nowadays there is an art and sophistication that has been moulded over years’ worth of experience. SEO has changed, and the great news is Fat SEO & Digital Services are on the forefront of all the latest movements.

Whether you’re an E-commerce store, small local business, or a large corporation we have the SEO approach to suit your needs. All our Australian viewers listen up we have SEO in Melbourne, SEO in Brisbane, SEO in Sydney, SEO in Hobart, SEO in Adelaide, and SEO in Perth. So, wait that is SEO in Australia, right? Correct, we offer services to the whole of Australia. But what if you’re in the US? Or an international viewer who likes what they see? Well the good news continues we offer SEO Globally!

SEO has several components to be successful and they come in the form of:

  • Local SEO
  • E-Commerce SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Penalty Removal SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Off-page SEO
  • Global SEO

You may not know what’s needed with your search engine optimisation approach but we are only 1 phone call away from deciphering exactly what it is you need, peeling away the layers on any uncertainty and employing an SEO approach to suit your budget, needs and goals. SEO only needs to be complicated for us to be made simple to you and our goal aligns with yours. We will be completely transparent to shed light on the darkness and give you comfort in our strategies.

Web Design and Development

Websites have changed so much over time and so much more than some nice pictures and a bit of content make up an effective converting machine.Fat SEO & Digital Services has the answers to your website needs and requirements. In the Web design & Development world the differences between a good site and an amazing site is the one percenters and it takes a sound understanding of business to implement the correct sort.

Web Development is a process that stems from the business analysis, information organisation, marketing requirements and user experience. Our web design team eats sleeps and breathes websites and are dedicated to creating beautiful, converting, marketing machines whilst blowing your customers and viewers away. We want to bring your vision to life whilst making it a seamless experience. There are always challenges in web development and we welcome those.

Website design and development comes in many different forms and platforms. E-commerce website development, brochure website development, quote-based web development and much more. We are fluent with every platform that suits your business requirements. Some of the popular CMS systems we work with are WordPress, Magento, Shopify, fluent in HTML based sites and any type of coding required. There is nothing too complex or too simple.

Every market is different, and locality plays a big role in user engagement and conversion principals. Over many many years we have collated a huge amount of information and statistics to back our results and claims. Again, our Australian market we offer web development services to:

  • Web Design & Development Melbourne
  • Web Design & Development Brisbane
  • Web Design & Development Adelaide
  • Web Design & Development Perth
  • Web Design & Development Hobart
  • Web Design & Development Sydney

We provide ongoing love and support even after the process is done because websites never sleep, and the market is every changing. Post launch support is an absolute must and you need to be comfortable with your online presence to not only ensure its usability is sound, but you can utilise upkeep and functionality.  We give you the tools to be the pilot of your site and make the whole process super simple.

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Fat SEO & Digital Services


With the changes in peoples purchasing behaviour resulting in the increase of consumers searching for products or services online, many Australian business are now seeing these trends and understand the importance of having not only Search Engine traffic but having a high converting website to maximise value from those visitors. To build and grow your business you need to be found on the Search Engines, to be present in front of more people who are looking for what you can offer them. Our mission is to ensure these people want to do business with you. As the evolution of the consumer market and landscape is changing, these trends are having a significant impact on business opportunities.

Through a combination of traditional and real-life marketing knowledge, our holistic approach to achieving memorable digital experiences is through collaboration. Fat SEO & Digital Services will help to connect the dots between a stunning functional website design and user experience (UX) to help generate a solid online marketing structure, we aim to face the challenges of today and the future resulting in long term growth. We do not just offer website design services to transform your vision into a beautiful idea, but we have an expert team of website developers that work very closely with the web designers to ensure that the development of the idea transitions smoothly on time and on budget. Our in-house web design and development Melbourne team are based in our office in Malvern, we also have web design and development services in Brisbane which is our other National location. We take pride with our work and have accrued years of experience with web design and development services Australia wide.

All of our website design and development services are built around the user experience (UX), because consumers are searching on mobile devices more frequently now, it is vital to create mobile friendly website solutions, these mobile responsive websites allow for all of your content and information to be perfectly optimised across all devices. If you do not have a mobile friendly website for your visitors, you will have a poor user experience (UX) and could potentially be missing a large chunk of customer engagement and even worse missing out on conversions as you are not displaying your content in the most effective way possible. Whether you contact our website design and development services in Melbourne or in Brisbane we can help you with structure, elements and navigation around conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and educate you on what creates a higher converting website to get more value from your visitors. We also offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services Melbourne and Brisbane to help you drive more traffic toward your website.

Why have a conversion optimised website if you don’t have website visitors?

We can help you with a digital strategy to promote your website through the technique of SEO services Australia wide.Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an integral part of any sales strategy. We can help you to get higher organic rankings for the keywords that matter most to you with SEO and convert more of those visitors with interactive website design and development and of course a responsive mobile friendly website design to keep visitors engaged. Fat SEO & Digital Services craft everything for a memorable digital experience both through website design and development based around conversion rate optimisation and SEO so your website is optimised for the best search engine results.

First things first, let’s get an understanding of what you want to achieve. What are your personal and business aspirations, what are your long-term business goals? This will give us key insights to into your motivations. Once we have a defined strategy, we launch a tailored analysis of your website to get a firm understanding of what you are currently doing right and most importantly where there is room for improvement. An audit as boring as it sounds is extremely important as to see where issues and errors lay, it is also the architecture from which our tech gurus work from. Next is competitive research and analysis, we want to see who is getting it right and who isn’t. We are now drilling into industry research, marketing and sales trends. This review is giving us a solid understanding of what your target audience is searching for, how they are searching and how we can best funnel them to your business. Now is time for the technical team to do what they do best, we have completed your website audit and your competitors have been analysed, strap on your seatbelts, we have lift off for structural optimisation to take full effect. Changes are now taking place, crossing T’s and dotting I’s, tweaks, modifications and fine-tuning to create a successful mission of financial growth.

Philosophy of Fat SEO & Digital Services

Fat SEO & Digital Services’s philosophy is structurally grounded and we have not changed course since our inception 5 years ago. As a specialist boutique marketing company, we take a Stephen R. Covey approach “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”. Our approach instils that our client’s goals are at the forefront of our business relationships, once we have defined and understand your goals we then get to work on delivering your investment with the returns your business deserves.
Our belief in the digital industry is that too many marketing agencies have become too institutionalised and robotic. We differ from our competitors in that our official offering is not simply based on the masses. Like our clients we are selective with who we partner with, our offers are based on exclusivity, we do not provide services to two direct competitors, call us crazy but we believe in ethical solutions that directly benefit our client. With a client cap of 200 businesses nationally, performance and returns are more important to us than growing our client base.


Our clients are treated as strategic partners and peers. A select few of our clients are

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We are a one of a kind digital agency that puts you first. Together we can make something awesome.

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