User Research

A successful Ecommerce Website is a collection of perfectly synced factors, to achieve your business’s goals and get sales coming through your website, we first need to fully understand the buying behaviours of your target market.

We will first complete research that covers key viewpoints to clearly define who your target market is and what it is they want and need to be clearly communicated. This planning helps to uncover what your consumers need to make a purchasing decision.

Through our extensive experience with Designing and Developing Ecommerce Websites we know that all structures and styles are different depending on the businesses offering and target market. Looking at competitive websites we can analyse how they are selling their products and get innovative ideas into whether they are being effective or not. This can help with a roadmap to provide proactive measures to employ into the user experience (UX) design phase.

The importance of our framework is it ensures that brand, strategy, structure and systems we use are defined and reviewed to be as effective as possible and influence your website visitor to take your websites desired actions, sales!

ecommerce research

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Site Architecture Planning

ecommerce architecture

Site architecture is a vital piece of the Ecommerce Website puzzle. As we all know without proper planning we are planning to fail.

User experience (UX) is more important now than ever before and if you are communicating your content in a less than idea way you will not secure your next order.

When visitors come to your website they need to be taken on a journey that differentiates why your brands proposition is the ideal solution for their want or need. It doesn’t stop there however, we need to have a fun, engaging, visually appealing website, packed with all the right Call To Actions (CTA) to help control a user’s behaviour and take our highest priority actions. Whilst keeping your brands persona, we are also looking to boost brand perception and authority.

Fat SEO & Digital Services – Ecommerce Website Design and Developers will recommend creating a compelling story throughout the website that helps to provide your target audience with a positive emotional thought process, while increasing buying decisions, hence our approach to make sure your website is streamlined for navigation and management of all of your customers’ needs are met.

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Desired Sales & Security

Have you ever been on an Ecommerce Website and thought, this website does not look safe!

This company is not getting my personal information or a purchase.

This happens far too often, don’t let it happen to your Ecommerce Website.

If you want to obtain your business goals and your desired sales then give your visitors what they want, security.

Everyone has heard about scams and paying for a product and never receiving it. Even if the Ecommerce Website is a truly legitimate business and provide quality products at a competitive price and in all other areas adhere to best business practices, perception makes or breaks your bank.

A lack of security is something consumers have become familiar to spotting immediately. We often get scared when we don’t see security measures in place and it involves our hard-earned money. Consumers have adapted themselves to clicking the back button and moving on to the next website without one more thought.

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Cart abandonment is what keeps Ecommerce Website owners up at night. Fat SEO & Digital Services has advanced Ecommerce knowledge to minimise cart abandonment and send out more ‘Thank You for Your Purchase’ emails to satisfied customers.

Making purchasing seamless and lowering anxiety throughout the process helps your visitors to make that purchase. Offering a secure shopping cart with multiple payments methods and gateways can alleviate any concern that a consumer has and increase sales.

Ensuring your website is up to date with all Security Certificates is a must, consumers are more in tuned with online purchasing standards nowadays.

All Ecommerce Websites Fat SEO & Digital Services design and develop use SSL Security Certificates to make use of encryption and the secure transfer of data, this gives your visitor confidence and helps them to become a satisfied customer.

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