PPC Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

With pay-per-click advertising, you only pay for your ad each time someone clicks on it. This can lower the overall cost of advertising and ensure that only people who are truly interested in what you have to offer are coming to your site. Rather than paying a blanket cost to have your ad plastered across the top of a page, you are only paying each time someone visits your site. And the cost to you is minimal while the returns can be exceptional.

Before we launch the ad campaign, we sit down with you and discuss your goals and marketing strategies. We find out what you want from a marketing campaign and what kind of audience you are targeting with your products and services. We then we tailor the ad campaign around you and the keywords that we have determined are the most relevant to your site. We can also work with the marketing plan you have in place to ensure you are presenting a unified front to your customers. We want to make sure that your message is consistent and that it is appealing to consumers.


Tired of skinny results?

Bringing visitors to your site isn’t always enough to actually increase sales. If they are misled as to what kind of product or service you have to offer, then they will simply leave once they realize that. We make sure that the traffic we are directing to your site through pay-per-click advertising is relevant and significant. We monitor your campaign the entire time, ensuring that it is producing favourable results and that it is working as it is supposed to. We are most concerned with your conversion rates; turning visitors into paying customers. So we often combine a PPC service with site optimisation and refinement. We ensure that your site is easy to use and that visitors are not frustrated or confused when they visit your site. We want to make it easy for them to make purchases.

With pay-per-click campaigns, you get to determine how much you are spending on advertising. The contracts for these campaigns are very short, so if you don’t like the returns you are seeing, you can opt out quickly. We will work with your budget to ensure that your costs are kept low and that your returns are significant

We understand that you may not have a lot of money to spend on advertising, but we also know how important such a campaign is to driving traffic and sales. So we work with you to find an agreeable solution that improves your revenue without breaking your budget.

Place your product in the Spotlight


Creating an advertisement listing on Google Shopping gives you the opportunity to reach a bevy of new customers. The traffic directed through your ad can greatly boost sales and introduce many people to your site who would have never heard of it otherwise. A Google Shopping listing gives you the ability to show off your product visually. Each listing contains space for an image that can really convey to potential customers what your product or service is all about.

This advertising platform allows you to take advantage of trending search methods. Your ad could appear at the top of the page, grabbing the consumer’s attention and offering them the product they are looking for before they see anyone else’s site. And by partnering with a Google service, you are putting your product front and centre on the biggest, most frequently-visited advertising space in the world.

When you place your ad with Google Shopping, your products are seen by targeted consumers. You aren’t just paying advertising costs to have your ad plastered on every page at an exorbitant price. Instead, you are paying a low cost to have your ad positioned in front of eyes that are looking for what you are selling.

We make sure that your ad is placed in the right spaces. You want to be sure that you are targeting the right search terms and keywords, otherwise you will end up with site traffic but no sales. We make sure that you are seeing great results, and we track the effectiveness of the advertising campaign at every step. This lets us know what is working and if any changes need to be made. If it is turning out to be incredibly effective, we know to roll out the campaign to more spots.

The network is growing constantly, with many businesses hoping to grab a piece of the advertising pie. With all that competition, it can be difficult to determine where your business and its marketing campaign can fit in. Instead of grasping at any opening, why not allow us to craft a marketing strategy for you? Our years of experience in the industry will be put to work to create an effective campaign that reaches the people who will become lifelong customers for your business. We get the results that matter because we know what your customers are looking for. We have already assisted many other businesses like yours in reaching their sales goals and exceeding their expectations for profits and site traffic. Allow us to produce the same successful results for you. Contact us today to find out how we can create a successful Google Display Network strategy for you.


Stop burning all your fuel for skinny results

To succeed in advertising, you have to know what you are doing and put your money in all the right places. It’s too easy to do what everyone else is doing and just hope for the best, but that is not how you will be able to consistently succeed. To do well, you will need to develop a strategy, and you will need to execute it flawlessly. With the Google Display Network, countless websites, apps and videos are all offering up advertising space for savvy business owners to use.

We have had great success with our Google Display Network strategies in the past, helping business owners just like you turn around their fortunes and enjoy more traffic and sales through their sites. This is how we do it:

  • We determine which kind of consumers you are targeting and which pages they tend to visit.
  • We determine which times those people are most likely to be online and interested in making purchases.
  • We figure out which kinds of ads and messages will appeal to them.
  • We create a campaign based on this information that will work with your budget and create meaningful results for you.

By using contextual targeting you can put your ads on sites that are related to what you are selling. This way you are attracting relevant visitors instead of just placing a blanket ad out and hoping that an interested person happens to see it. This means that if you are selling ‘Tools’, you can be placing your ad in front of consumers who are reading about Do-It-Yourself projects. Or if you offer ‘Daycare Services’, you could be targeting people reading parenting blogs. Your ads can be placed right in front of the people who are most likely to make purchases at your site and become your customers, and that makes them far more effective than traditional ad methods.



You can identify internet users that have demonstrated an interest in your product or services in the past and engage them again through Google Remarketing. It is possible that past customers have forgotten about you and just need a reminder that they enjoyed the experience on your website. That is what this Google service does for you.


Google Remarketing is the best way to bring back interested customers to your site. It targets people who are indecisive or who are shopping around for similar products. Your ad can be all they need to make up their mind and to choose your product. The service may target people who have visited your site before but did not make a purchase. Perhaps they looked at a few items but didn’t actually buy any. That doesn’t mean that they were not interested, however it could just be that they were shopping around for when they have money to spend. Your ad could be just what they need to give them a reminder that it’s time to make that purchase.


“Hit your audience right between the eyes who was once a potential tracked customer”


  • More sales and profit from return customers who were drawn back through ads
  • Better brand exposure with constant advertising space
  • We work with you and your budget to ensure best case ROI goals

We are experienced at getting the most out of an online marketing campaign. We know where your advertising dollars will best benefit you and how you can ensure that you are receiving relevant traffic to your site. We will work with the budget you have available and ensure that you see favorable returns from your Google Remarketing campaign.

Digital Branding

Digital Branding is becoming more of a priority for businesses who are looking to enhance their brand or build upon their current positioning. With the huge increases in the number of personal mobile devices and the rate at which they are being used globally, there are numerous ways of communicating both directly and indirectly with your target audience and customers.

Fat SEO & Digital Services can help to develop and communicate a brands purpose through multichannel engagement programs using digital media and the technology available today. We can assist through brand strategy and planning to identify key opportunities of growth.

Combining your brand, vision, strategy and positioning we can help to engage in the right marketing activities to compete and win, leaving behind positive brand experiences for your target market and building your brand equity and loyalty.

Digital Branding can benefit through being in more places than one and with new purchasing behaviours, channels and the development of technology, Fat SEO & Digital Services can help you communicate and deliver more engaging consumer focused experiences.



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