Penalty Removal

Has Google penalised your website? Are you now relegated to the third or fourth page of Google search results for your industry? These penalties happen to a lot of people, and it may not be your fault. You may have just hired the wrong SEO company. They probably overstuffed your content with keywords or tried to create excessive backlinks for your site. This sets off red flags to the Google search engines, and they can penalise you for such “black hat” behaviour.

What is a Penalty?

There are 2 different types of penalties – Manual Penalties and Algorithmic. A manual penalty is when an employee of Google physically looks at your site and detects an issue manually. The second type is an Algorithmic penalty in which Googles computers detect issues through the medium of content, backlinks, site structure and many other potential red flags. Continue reading to find out more and how we can help. Also check out the history of Algorithm changes since SEO’s birth from one of the most trusted SEO sources Moz.

Penalties and How We Can Assist

At Fat SEO & Digital Services, we are the experts at getting your pages to rank well again. If you’re ready to return to the top spot once more, then we are the team for you. No matter what it is that is holding you back, we can find the solution and get you back on track. You don’t have to deal with skinny returns anymore. Just contact Fat SEO & Digital Services to get your rankings bulked up. A lot of people just trust anyone who says they are SEO experts. And when those companies fail them, many people tend to accept the excuses those SEO companies give them. But it is important to take a critical view of your SEO company to determine if they are really working for you or just for a paycheck.

What has SEO done for or to you?

Ask yourself the question, and if you don’t like the answers, then it is time to consider looking elsewhere for help. And we know that many of our clients have been hurt before by other SEO companies. We know it can be hard to earn their trust, but not all SEO companies operate the same way.

What now for a recovery?

Every case for every business and every website is different when you talk about penalties. There are many algorithmic related potential issues and also many red flags a manual penalty will raise. Determining the problem is normally the easy part. Correct implementation of the solution takes finesse and years of experience.

Experience and expertise at hand

Depending on your situation time is also a factor that needs to be discussed. A lot of the time these fixes are not an overnight success. The potential damage that has been caused by an algorithm change and years of poor work from other companies may have your website being watched over it with a keen eye from Google and can contain plenty of backend problems to solve.

Penalties and How We Can Assist

Prevention is always the best cure. Keeping you from penalties and adhering to guidelines as well as keeping informed is the key to staying the clear. Many SEO companies know that they need to build citation sources and backlinks for their clients’ sites but they aren’t sure how to go about it. At Fat SEO & Digital Services, we have years of experience in the industry, and we specialise in taking sites that have been penalised by Google and getting them back to a healthy ranking. We make sure that our efforts are not obvious to Google. We build rankings with long term in mind. Other methods may boost your ranking very quickly for a short time, but then Google notices your “black hat” methods and in turn will penalise you to a point of no return.

Its time you were able to Trust Someone

If you have either been stumped as to why your rankings have either not been achieved by your current SEO company or nobody seems to be able to help you, you are in the right place. We specialise in penalty removal and embrace the challenges they bring.


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