What is SEO

SEO is all about boosting your rankings on the search engines, particularly on Google, the most used search engine in the world. If your site isn’t ranking on the first page for search results in your area and industry, then you likely won’t be seen by a vast majority of internet users making that same search. Most of them won’t look beyond the first page.

A Few Things to Note
A well-executed SEO strategy can see just about any website skyrocket up the rankings and stay there consistently. What it often takes is tweaks to a sites backend and some smartly-crafted content that targets a specific audience.

The audience focus doesn’t have to be laser specific, as your SEO rankings can be geared to catch the eyes of people around your country and around the world. But the larger the competition base, the harder it will be to rank well. And that means you will have to have a very competent team behind your SEO campaign. The ease at which you can increase your ranking will depend mostly on how competitive your industry is, but our talented team of SEO professionals can make any business stand out amongst the competition.


Getting your site and all its content optimised for the search engines can be very technical and takes years of training and experience to be able to do effectively. In simple terms it makes it easy for search engines to find you and for search engine users (i.e. Internet users) to find you as well. This is done by making sure your content correlates to the kinds of search terms people would use when they are looking for your services and products.
The goal of SEO is not to have your pages viewed by as many people as possible but rather by as many relevant people as possible. SEO done properly targets people who are interested in what you have to offer and who genuinely want to purchase and engage with it.


  • A full on-site optimisation strategy
  • Relevant SEO ready content
  • Effective inner page linking to spread link juice power to all relevant target pages
  • Inner page URL crawls to clean up spammy title tags


Before any technical work can begin on making your site more available to search engines in the best possible way, keyword research needs to be undertaken. An extremely pivotal step in a successful campaign as it is the foundation of your target audience and desired result.

What this means is depending on your current situation whether you are big business with natural SEO already evident you would be targeting more long tail key phrases to round off edges that are missing traffic opportunities. If you are a new business in a new industry, starting from the ground up with no website age you would need to look at bigger volume key phrases. This will ensure it brings new business and hits your audience right between the eyes with your service or product.


  • An effective link building strategy that is long term safe
  • Relevant and powerful directory listings
  • Social signals that act as a natural source of power and exposure
  • Full clarity on all technical work undertaken. We have no shortcuts as SEO is about transparency and long term gain


In the ever changing world of SEO it is virtually impossible to interpret what search engines are going to tweak next. A search engine such as Google is constantly changing their algorithms and rules based on what they would like to see as a ‘Natural Result’ when people search for certain key phrases and this requires constant change and technical insight for ongoing success.
We have been through the changes and our team has had experience with the evolution of SEO since its birth. Click here to see the SEO’s Algorithm history from one of the most trusted sources in the SEO industry Moz.

The Essence of SERP Rankings is Link Building

Links coming into your site build authority and are the backbone to search engine rankings. What do you see when you type extremely competitive keyphrases into Google? You see big business. You want furniture? IKEA, Bunnings, Ebay… You want a computer? Apple, JB-HI-FI, Harvey Norman… The reason for this is they have natural and powerful links that have been built over time. Natural meaning they are relevant and not purposely built and powerful meaning they carry authority.
Search Engines will recognise link power through many factors but the main ones being; relevancy, domain age, where the links exist e.g. home page, product pages etc. and the links coming into the domains that link back to your site. If you haven’t got clarity on what links your website is receiving then chances are they aren’t long term safe nor will they be overly effective for what your niche and site needs. Fat SEO & Digital Services has the right link building strategies and most importantly clarity over what you will receive over the duration of your campaign.


What you don’t see is just as important as what you do see on your website. The coding of a site acts as a series of directions for the search engine robots that crawl your website. A correctly set up sitemap acts as the main director that should be easy to interpret and straight forward for the search engine.
If your website has crawl issues (technically known as canonicalisation problems) then it is invisible in search engines depending on the severity of the problem. This is very counter productive to SEO efforts.


Quality content is harder than you think to achieve. There are a few things you need to know about writing viewer interactive content that is relevant, informative and suits Google’s Algorithm.

To achieve this our professional copy writers will construct content that can do both of these things. The art to it is to involve a certain percentage of keywords that search engines will recognise to rank your target pages and keep that percentage natural based on how many total words are written. Sound complicated? Well that’s because it is and not just anyone can achieve it.

Social Media Signals

Social signals such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc. are a sign to search engines that you are keeping up with the latest in online trends and that you are active in interacting with your audience. This helps SERP rankings as it is a sign of natural activity.


Click here to find out how we can guarantee your SEO campaign results


Organic first page listings are always the most powerful form of driving new business


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Tired of skinny results?

Local SEO

local seo

A common understanding around organic search is that up to 1 in 5 searches include a location based key phrase. What this means for your business is people want to interact with services and businesses closest to them. Fat SEO & Digital Services can ensure your traffic is being found locally to create more personal and stronger leads.


An optimised Map Listing in this day and age is exactly what customers are looking for when searching for a location. Not only does a Map Listing improve your Click-Through Rate (CTR) but is a chance to be listed more than once on the first page of search engines. Allow your customers to view opening hours, your address, business description, contact details and a link back to your website.

We Have What You’re After

A budget and business objectives driven strategy

Reports to track your site’s performance

Technical Professionals for on-page optimisation

A dedicated Account Manager for your campaign

A goal to achieve a solid ROI

A performance guarantee to see the results

Stop burning all your fuel for skinny results

Global SEO

When you think about the potential of Global SEO and the size of the world market, big results are not unreasonable to get. There is a massive opportunity to communicate your message to a wider audience and it could be the biggest opportunity to get more traffic and sales from your website.

If you are only providing your website with an English-only mindset, then those who do not speak English are missing out and will not receive your message.

A Global SEO campaign, can be tricky as immediately competition springs to mind. That is why you need an SEO company that understands how to make an International SEO Campaign work properly.

Fat SEO & Digital Services can assist in ensuring there is a market for you out there in the first place. Are your products or services wanted in other regions of the world, is there search volume, a need or a want so you can replace that void?

Doing in-depth research can make the difference between a successful campaign or a failure.


Am I lost in space?

Your defined sales and marketing strategy and whether your website is structured, formatted and optimised will play a big part in the success of tackling international markets. We can make sure you have the solid foundations to begin with.

Having knowledge into which Search Engines to rank for is another factor that we possess. Google is the most popular Search Engine used World Wide, but in Russia Yandex is more commonly used, China uses Baidu and Japan uses Yahoo 40% of the time. Every Search Engine has a different Algorithm (mathematical formula) to rank websites so having a knowledgeable SEO company serves as a big positive.

If you are looking into Global SEO for your business, ensure you message is being delivered properly because the Return of Investment (ROI) can be enormous.

Turn Visitors into Paying Customers

Site visitors are not always customers, so simply drawing people to your website may not be enough to affect your bottom line. What you need are quality click through conversions, and only professional SEO services can ensure that site visitors turn into paying customers


Get Visible

We are able to customise an online marketing campaign to fit your specific needs and enact measures that increase revenue gains for your company. There are a number of ways we can do this, but the most effective measure is to improve site visibility and search relevancy. It’s not enough to just make your site rank highly on various search results. You also have to ensure that your site ranks well on relevant results pages.

Your Target Market

That means finding out what your customers are looking for and driving people that will pay for your products and services to your site. Anyone can make their site rank well for a moment, but providing long-lasting results that achieve great returns is our specialty. We make sure that quality traffic is being directed to your site and that your business stays visible over the long term.



Content Is Key

This involves an intricate understanding of search engines and the way they work with content and keywords. We have the expertise to create content and transform your current content to make it optimised for all the biggest search engines. Nothing else drives business to your site faster.

Social Customer Activity

Our customised SEO campaign targets your customers and potential customers and directs them to your site. We can reach people through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. And we can pull in click throughs from search results and by creating effective links. All of these measures pull people from various parts of the web to your site. Not only this but we concentrate on relevant visitors, making sure that the audience who visit your site are really wanting to make use of what you have to offer.



Conversions Are Next

More than just advertising goes into making successful conversions from visitors to customers. We also may need to redesign your website. What we are looking to do is make it instantly appealing and easy to use. Many consumers are turned off by flashy ads, long loading times and convoluted menus. We help streamline your site and make it easy for your customers to make a purchase. And we ensure that those who visit your site don’t immediately leave and tank your rankings. We call this Conversion Optimisation.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you have read this far its evident our approach is what you are seeking. We have an in depth free quote system that is risk free and will give you clarity on how to take it to the next step on connecting to your target market and turning your visitors into paying customers.


We can get started immediately in transforming your business and your online presence. We can take you from an obscure online company to a profitable business success very fast. If you want to compete against similar companies in your niche, then you need to be visible, appealing and authoritative. We can provide all that for you. Just contact us today to find out about our many SEO services and how they can improve your profits and increase your customer base.

Solution that can help the human race?

National SEO


Being a leading National SEO company, we have helped many of our partners to not only compete Australia wide but dominate Nationally.

How are we different and so good at getting measurable returns for our partners through National SEO campaigns?

Because of our business model of partnering with only 1 Client per industry, per Location. That means we only partner with 1 client to dominate their market Nationally (Click here to see if you are Eligible).

All of our resources go into your campaign, not you and your competitor.

Too many Australian SEO companies offer their services to anyone who wants to invest in a National SEO campaign, they use the same strategy for you, whilst using the same strategy for your competitor.

Fat SEO & Digital Services has got the goods when it comes to increasing the scope of your current audience and targeting a wider market in all major Capital Cities around Australia, the resources we invest and the experience we have has given us great intuition into getting that ‘Top Real Estate’ position 1 ranking. Want to know the secret? Resources and hard-work!

We do not offer cookie cutter strategies (they do not work) and National SEO is more competitive than Local SEO due to the amount of competing businesses trying to rank high and get that next sale.

If you are wanting to dominate your industry with SEO Australia Wide, check your eligibility and contact us today for a chat and a no obligation free quote.

Our National SEO strategies will help you to hit your sales and marketing goals and make sure you communicate and attract the right audience to your website and deliver a positive ROI.

Spread your ideas into the UNIVERSE

Constituents to Information

Many government organisations have been using social networking sites and their own websites to make their policies and practices more transparent to the public. These digital outlets allow them to engage with their constituents directly and in a timely manner, offering a clear and accessible avenue for government officials and citizens to interact with one another.

We understand that each government agency has its own priorities and needs, and we can personalise our SEO services to fit your organisation. We also increase visibility for your agency, making certain that the people who need information and services provided by your agency can find you with ease. Your site can be optimised to give citizens clear and direct access to your services. In order to fulfill your duties as a government agency, you need to be able to interact with your constituents without anything standing in the way. But websites that are not optimised and accessible will be difficult for people to find. People may have questions and may require your assistance, and only expert SEO services can ensure that you stay connected to them.

The best way to reach those who require your assistance is to stay highly visible. This can be difficult to do when you are competing against other agencies and numerous online businesses that offer similar services. All of them are trying to make their voice heard and get their message out, but we can cut through all the interference to make sure that the people your agency was created to serve can find you without any trouble. Based on the frequency with which Internet users include location keywords into their searches, we know that many of them are looking for regionally specific services and agencies. So we optimise the keywords and contents of your site to ensure that these people can find just what they are looking for. We work hard to make certain that the people who visit your site are those who want to be there and have business with your agency. We help direct relevant traffic by polishing your site and your content in a way that drives local visitors there. We make sure that people looking for your services find your agency as the top search result. This means they can get the services they need, and your agency can fulfill its purpose more easily.

government - seo

Our Approach

A big part of what we do is refining what you already have in place. It is possible that you won’t have to have a lot of new content created. Your site may not need a major overhaul to be effective. We can make tweaks that have powerful and positive outcomes.

A Customised Service

Our services are able to be customised to fit you, no matter how small or large your agency is. We provide the online business solutions that allow you to do your job better. And we will work with you to help you accomplish your goals as a Government agency.

We bring years of SEO expertise to the table as well as invaluable tools for making your site function better, look better and stay visible. We are experts on search engine rankings and we track all progress reporting back frequently for best possible clarity on your SEO situation. We relay this information to you to show you how your site is performing and what a difference our efforts are making. This real-time data also lets us make changes and improvements to better serve you throughout your campaign.


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