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How Much Will You Pay For Social Media?

Social media sites can be great marketing tools, as you can use them to connect to potential customers. They are very useful for developing relationships and enticing people to buy your products or services.

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Social Media Management

How much will that kind of adverting cost you, though? The answer depends on a few different factors. That would be the agency’s experience that you are working with, the kind of content plan you are going with, the number of social networks you want to include on your plan and more.

At Fat SEO & Digital Services, we provide a few different types of social media management plans. You can pick what suits your needs and customise it for your budget. Our social media management services vary by thousands of dollars because of the wide range of services we provide.

We are going to look at what affects the cost of social media management for you and what plans we can offer you.

Getting Started

You can begin by choosing what social media networks you want to be a part of. This could include Facebook, Instagram, twitted, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others. Then decide how many content posts you want every year or month, how many images you need us to produce, how many ad campaigns you would like to have, and how many contests you would like us to run.

Once you have figured that out, we can give you an estimated monthly cost. The quote is free, and we would be happy to look over the details of any content plan you may have come up with.

Your Custom Social Media Strategy

Factoring Costs

It’s free to sign up for any of the social media platforms we have listed here. Your company or employees can create accounts on them without having to pay a thing. However, monitoring your social media accounts and posting regularly can be time consuming.

This isn’t the kind of marketing campaign that anyone can pull off, though. You need to find someone who is skilled and experienced enough to successfully manage multiple social media accounts. If not, then you can damage your company’s reputation.

Fat SEO & Digital Services offers the best in social media marketing for all the top social media networks- LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. With our plans, you’ll only pay a fraction of what other companies charge for similar or less effective services. We will help you establish your company online and monitor and update your accounts and campaign as necessary.


We are a one of a kind digital agency that puts you first. Together we can make something awesome.

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How Cost Works Differently on Various Social Media Networks

There are different costs associated with having your marketing account maintained on different social media accounts.


It is free to set up an accounting on facebook, and once you do, you have access to about a billion daily users. It’s the biggest social media channel by far, and you have a good chance of reaching a lot of people there. While it costs nothing to set up, you can pay for some services that allow you to place ads and do other things to promote your business on this network.

Creating ads on Facebook is the first logical step in your marketing endeavours. You can make your ads optimised to ensure that you are focusing on getting page likes and clicks through to your website. You can manage ad costs quite easily through Facebook. It is designed to be business-friendly, and you can control your budget and ask Facebook to give you optimal conversions. There are CPM and CPC models available. In a CPM model, you pay every time you get 1,000 ad views. You are paying for views with this model, though, and not clicks. If you go with the CPC model, then you only pay if they click on your ads. The costs vary based on which model you choose, but it can be worth it to go for the more expensive model and make sure you get clicks for your money.

The average CPC for Facebook ads is $0.27, which can be well worth it if you are effectively targeting your desired audience.

You will likely be trying to garner likes on Facebook, and you will pay around $0.57 for each like, according to social media application company Buffer. If you really want to connect with users, then getting those likes is a great way to do so, and Facebook has marketing tools set up to allow you to focus on that.

Facebook also lets you boost posts, or make sure that more people are seeing your ads. You can choose the targeting option you want and set a goal for how many people you want to reach. The CPM model will allow you to boost posts, and you will pay about $6.35 for a boosted post that gets 1,000 views.


You won’t pay anything to set up a Twitter account either. However, if you want to reach a lot of people, then you will need to pay for some Twitter advertising. You have a few options there.

You can use promoted tweets, which are basically ads that Twitter boosts for you. These have a small promoted label by them. Any promoted tweet is governed by a bidding system, and you pay based on favourites, replies, clicks and retweets. Expect to pay about $1.35 for each promoted tweet.

You can have your account promoted as well. You can use this option if you want to gain more followers and make people more aware of your brand.

You will bid for what you want to pay for each new follower, and your target will factor into the amount you’ll be required to pay. On average, you will pay about $3 per follower.

Promoted trends are another option. Twitter lets you pic the trend you want to make a promoted topic, and then it will alert its users about the trend. Most promoted trends will have a label next to them that identifies them as promoted.

If you want your topic to appear at the top of the list, then you will pay about $200,000 per day. The most effective marketing strategy for many Twitter users is usually to combine promoted accounts, trends and tweets to gain followers and recognition.


LinkedIn is free to sign up for as well, and once again, you can boost your account with some of your advertising money. These boosting options help you to establish connections and raise awareness of your brand.

You can use LinkedIn ads for the most direct advertising method. These show up to the side of user feeds and to pages they go to on the site. These are thumbnail images that can get people to click through to your website. You are able to make as many as 15 different ads for LinkedIn, and they can have headlines up to 25 characters and descriptions up to 75 characters.

With LinkedIn’s adverting options, you can set up your ads to have specific targets for job titles, seniority, names, industries, company size and categories.

You can engage in a CPC (cost-per-click) campaign with LinkedIn as well as Cost Per 1,000 Impressions (known as CPM). You can start with a bid as low as $2 for the CPC model, but LinkedIn suggest you go higher- somewhere between $5 and $9. You are able to determine your daily budget, so that you don’t end up spending more than you want to. Your ads can be set to run indefinitely, if you like.

For the CPM model, the minimum bid is $2 as well, but LinkedIn recommends going with $2.85-$4.62.

Sponsored updates are another option, and these work similarly to sponsored posts on Facebook and sponsored tweets on Twitter. These posts will show up in the user feeds, and they have a sponsored label attached to them. If you want to sponsor an update, then you have to pick an update from your profile. You can target with the same kind of options as you would for regular ads.

The pricing model is very similar with these to what it is for regular ads, but LinkedIn has different suggested bids. For CPC model campaign, they suggest you start out at $5.67 and go as high as $10.09, but you can go as low as $2.50. If you want a CPM model, then you’ll pay $10.50 at least, but it’s recommended that you go somewhere between $18.55 and $28.91. Sponsored updates have to have a daily budget of at least $10.


You can set up an account with Instagram for free as well, as there is the option to pay for sponsored ads on Instagram that show up in user feeds.

In the past, these kinds of ads would only be made available to big brands, but now anyone can get in on the action with the new options Instagram has in place. Expect to pay $6.70 for 1,000 views of your ad. If you want a video ad to be placed on the network, then that costs about $3 for every 1,000 views. Some businesses report that they pay as little as $0.02 per view.


Once again, this social network is free to create an account on, but you can pay to have your pins promoted and reach more people.

Simply pick a pin to start promoting. You can use promoted pins to boost your ad by having it show up when people search for specific keywords. Your audience can be targeted based on where they are, their language, device and gender.

There is only CPC pricing available on Pinterest, which means you pay when someone clicks on your pin and goes to your site. You need to set up a maximum CPC bid, which is the most you want to pay for someone to visit your website. How much you are charged will never go above your max bid, and you may end up paying far less than that max bid. Some clients bid $1 and only end up paying $0.13 for each click.

As with most social media services, you can set your daily budget for advertising and select how long the campaign should run.

Our Pricing Plans

We have a few different plans to help you get started advertising on social media and reaching people all around the world with your ads and online presence. Our social media management plans let you pick which platforms you want to engage with and create a social strategy that is personalised to your needs.

Every social media management plan that you pick with us comes with setup on the network, optimisation for your account, a brand analysis, social media competition analysis, a single account manager for your account, monitoring of the account on a daily basis, publishing tools for content, monthly reports, a cover photo, photo design, contest tools, an editorial calendar and more.

You can choose from packages based on how many ad campaign and networks you want to run at once, how many images you want created and posted, how many posts we should create each month, and how many contests we should run each year for you.

We will be happy to give you a quote for any services we offer. The quotes will vary based on what you are wanting, how saturated you want to make the social media network, how much content you want produced and how many networks you want us to manage accounts on for you.

We can create advertising plans for you as well. These vary in price based on how many ads you want to run, what kind of ads you want (video, text or photo), how many network accounts you want us to manage for you, how many times you want us to update your campaign throughout the month and how many custom images we need to create. We can also target specific demographics and keywords for you, and the number of these you want us to target will factor into the pricing.

For reporting and consultation on social media networks, the packages are a bit different. We can give you regular updates on your social media accounts, tracking how well you are doing with your target audience and how the clicks are translating into page views and sales on your site. This enhanced reporting varies in price based on how many networks you want us to run reports on for you.

How Much Should You Be Spending?

The amount you should spend on social media platform depends on a few things. You need to decide how many platforms you want to use, what kind of ads you would like created and how you want to do your social media marketing. Do you want to run it from your own company, or do you plan to outsource it?

Most companies that outsource will pay around $200 to $350 each day. This comes up to $4,000 to $7,000 each month and $48,000 to $84,000 a year. On average, companies spend close to 12% of their budget on social media marketing efforts.

You have to pick a budget that works for you and that allows you to turn a profit. We can work with your budget and find you a social media management package that fits your needs and helps you achieve your goals. We will help you to reach more people and earn greater profits.

Each pricing level we have set up for social media marketing has a bunch of services packed into it. Fat SEO & Digital Services will work with you to help you set realistic goals, set a budget and determine what kind of social medial marketing packages will work best for you. We want to find the most suitable package at a price you can afford.

For those who have never used a social media network before, our basic plan is a good place to start. We can set up a Facebook page for your business, get it optimised for likes and ensure maximum engagement. We will also install any applicable Facebook apps. This basic plan comes with three updates per week and a basic advertising campaign. This is an ideal package for smaller businesses who have had little to no interaction with social media.

For larger businesses that really want to dive deep into social media, we suggest one of our more aggressive packages. These involve creating multiple social media accounts across some of the major networks. Our strategists will put their experience to good use to create and post content on a regular basis. They can write blogs as well for all relevant social platforms.

How Is Our Pricing Decided?

Social media marketing is all about creating content that your target audience finds relevant and interesting. This gets them to spread the word about your content and business to others. We specialise in viral marketing, and we can provide the kind of content that your audience is looking for. We have found ways to make the most of our clients’ budgets and convert ads into clicks and sales. There is a ton of traffic on these social media sites, and we know how to take advantage of that.

We use multiple approaches, including contests and blogs to draw in consumers and get them engaged in what you are doing. The pricing we have determine is based on the various strategies we use, which is why it is difficult to tell you upfront how much your campaign will cost. We need to talk to you and figure out how many networks you want to engage with and how deep you want to go with each of those. Once we find out that information, then we can give you an exact quote, free of charge. Are prices are based on how well the campaign does for and what different services we are providing.

You may want to go with the cheapest social media campaign possible, but that usually won’t mean a good return on investment for you. You may find agencies willing to offer social media support for as little as $99 a month, but they are probably not as experienced and well equipped as we are, and they are less likely to get you a good return on the money you put down.

We Lead the Way in Social Media Marketing

We are one of the leading social media marketing firms in the business today, and we are able to help you establish an online presence, grow your business and reach far more customers than you are right now.

You can choose from a variety of social media marketing packages. You should have no problem finding something that fits your needs perfectly. We don’t just offer copy and paste, generic packages. We find the package that meets your needs and tailor it specifically to your company.

We work hard to be transparent in all we do, and this allows us to develop strong relationships with our clients. This is why we are happy to give you a quote for free whenever you request. You’ll discover no hidden fees or unexpected costs with us, and we want to be upfront with you from the very start. You shod know what you are getting for the price you pay, and you should feel like you are getting real value for your dollar. We want our clients to feel like they are in good hands with us.

Fat SEO & Digital Services knows what it takes to get people buzzing about our clients online. We can help you with the following:

  • Creating a social media presence
  • Engaging with users and developing relationships with them that convince them make purchases and spread the word about your business
  • Create content with value that draws in your target audience

Where Do You Go from Here?

By partnering with us, you can achieve your goals and start seeing greater profit for your company. We have helped numerous clients boost their revenue considerably, and we want to help you next. You can achieve a real presence on social media and reach out to your customers in ways you have not been able to previously. We can create the content you need and bring customers to your website. Just work with us and start to see change happen right away.

Contact us today to find out more, to request a quote or to set up an appointment for consultation. We are looking forward to working for you.

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