Social Media Marketing

Make your ads Demographic Specific

Facebook has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for companies that want to engage with their customers on a personal level. And with more than a billion users worldwide, it represents an incredible opportunity to reach more people than just about any other advertising platform. Much of the advertising can be done very cheaply, just by getting social media users to spread the word about your business and promotions. The ads themselves can become powerful tools to reach people of a specific audience. Facebook ads are able to be customised to appear only to people of a certain region, age, gender or interest group. The point of this is only the people who care about your product/service and are willing to use it are going to see your ad. This means you don’t have to waste a lot of money on advertising to a large group of people in hopes that someone will bite.


Business Knowledge:
We find out exactly how you work so we can correctly identify the most important aspects of the Facebook marketing campaign. Age, Gender, Location and Interests.

Campaign Set Ups:
To suit your budget and requirements that will also give you the best chance for a healthy ROI.



Full Transparency:
On our efforts and account managment throught the entire process. This is covered through the monthly installments so it wont cut into your budget.

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What’s Involved

We start by finding out what you want out of an advertising campaign. Do you have a particular message you would like to convey? Are you creating a specific image of your company? Is there a group of people that your product particularly targets? All of these inform the kind of strategy we will come up with to help your company succeed in its online marketing. Once we have gathered the pertinent information, we then look at ways we can integrate the marketing plan for your company into the advertising framework already in place on Facebook. We will work with the budget you have available and ensure that you are receiving a fair return on your investment. Our goal is always to give more back to the client than they give to us.

We will track the progress of your advertising to ensure that it is effective. If we don’t believe it is offering an acceptable return on investment, we will make changes until it succeeds as it should.

With a Facebook ad campaign, you can reach a specific audience and ensure that only relevant traffic will be sent to your site. There are plenty of ways to bring in visitors to your website, but only targeted advertising ensures that those visitors are likely to buy something.

You will be able to engage with consumers no matter where you are or what device you are using. Facebook can be accessed from most mobile devices, making it easy to communicate personally to those who are invested and interested in your business.

You will also be able to see how many people are viewing your ads and how effective they are for your business. By taking your brand onto social media, you will raise awareness for it and create ranking authority for your main site.

YouTube Advertising

When you advertise on YouTube, you are putting your brand on a platform that engages with a global audience. More than one billion people use YouTube each year, and it presents an impressive opportunity for businesses who want to grab consumers’ attention.

Your Videos, Your Way

The advertisements that you can put on YouTube videos can be customised to your message and geared toward your goals. You don’t have to change your messaging just to fit in with popular videos. Instead, we can find you the right kinds of videos to expose your brand. We can make sure that the public is aware of what you are offering.

Targeted Approach

We aren’t just casting a wide net and hoping to catch something. Instead, we are focused on your target audience. We are engaging people who will be receptive to what you are offering and who will be interested in what your company sells/offers.

Personalise It

YouTube advertising can be personalised to target specific genders, age groups, regions and people of various interests. We make sure that your ads are reaching the relevant people and bringing you back a great return on your investment. Ads can come in many forms on YouTube; an image, a video or text. Or they can be a combination of the three.

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A Different approach for any Advertisement

It’s not just a social ad, it’s an exciting way to engage your target market When you appear on the search results page, you will only have to pay out money if your ad is clicked on. You aren’t paying for advertising space but for active visitors to your site. This holds true for in-window ads, such as those that appear while a video is playing. And with partner videos, you will only be paying if the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the ad. This shows that they have an interest in your product and may be willing to purchase it. All these methods work to your advantage and ensure that you are only paying for quality, targeted advertising that is really working. Of course, you want to make sure that your ad is reaching the right people, so you will want an Digital Marketing company that knows how to narrow down the demographic and aim your ad at relevant viewers.

LinkedIn Marketing

Once your marketing campaign on the LinkedIn network starts kicking in, you will likely notice a great return on your investment. You may see that many of the visitors coming to your site are actually becoming paying customers. You will likely find an increase in traffic to your site as well. All of this leads to an increased bottom line, and not just for the short term. An effective marketing campaign is part of a larger overarching strategy to turn first-time visitors into lifelong customers. A LinkedIn ad campaign can actually target specific types of people, based on what they do, what their interests are, where they live and various other traits. This makes it easier to guarantee a better return on your advertising efforts. You can target the people who are most likely to buy your products and services instead of wasting time and money on mass advertising campaigns that reach an unfocused audience.


When you allow us to spearhead your LinkedIn marketing, you can rest easy knowing that the campaign is in capable hands. We will work with you to ensure that your message is being conveyed and that your marketing efforts are unified. We will devise a marketing strategy that truly plays to your company’s strengths and makes the most of your budget. We understand that you may not have a lot of advertising dollars to work with. That’s why we zero in on the demographics that matter the most to your business. We find who is willing to buy your product and what kinds of ads they would pay attention to. Then we focus the ads to be shown to them. This saves you money and gives you a great ROI. Your ads can be presented in a number of ways. They could be videos that explain your product in detail and make it look appealing. Or they could be attractive text that conveys your message clearly. Or they could be simple images that showcase your product and grab the viewer’s attention. We find the method that works best to promote your product and capture the attention of your audience.

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