Performance Optimisation

Your website needs to be like a well-oiled machined. If you have or are thinking about investing into having a website to be used as a representation for your business and become part of your organisations sales strategy, it had better be performing at the highest level it can.

Website performance optimisation is a top priority for us. When a website is designed and developed through Fat SEO & Digital Services, we will go above and beyond to ensure that your website stays ahead of international website standards. We build using the latest technologies within the front and back-end of your website. We employ these technologies for a myriad of reasons, the most important being that your website needs to load fast, really fast. Slow websites are frustrating for the end user, this is no surprise. Whether it is the overall loading of a web page once your link has been clicked, or individual web pages within the website loading too slowly, we ensure that your website is loading as quickly and seamlessly as possible across all devices. We certainly do not want to keep users waiting, people are too busy nowadays and it is very easy to click the back button and navigate to a different website thus losing a potential customer.

website performance

Google and other Search Engines also places heavy weight on website loading speeds and on the other side they do not like websites that have slow loading speeds, this can be detrimental to the performance on not just your website itself, but also hinder the performance of your marketing strategy E.g. SEO. Implementing tools to conduct a website speed test before our launch date is a must. We can identify very quickly any issues or bottlenecks with our website that will impede performance.

The speed test allows us to detect any issues such with things such as fonts, images, critical path resources, back-end database configuration, optimisation and tuning required. Other features or plugins that may have been utilised to meet your website’s requirements will emerge if they need some fine tweaking, all of these measures are put in place so that when your website goes live on the internet there is nothing to hold it back from loading quickly and being indexed by the Search Engines more effectively.

Website performance optimisation is part of the project scope with Fat SEO & Digital Services, we understand the importance of improving the speed and delivery of your content to the marketplace.

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Front-End Development

web-front end

Front-End development is everything that the website visitor can see and interact with. It is often referred to as the ‘client side’. It is all of the visual elements that the user experiences as they navigate through a website. When you visit a website, what you are seeing is all Front-End Development. Have you ever wondered how to make a webpage look a certain way or make different objects move on the page like a drop-down menu or product images loading onto a page? These are the fundamentals of Front-End Development.

When a user visits a website, we want to engage them, therefore all the information needs to be formatted for a relevant and easy view. The format, the way the website looks and is laid out, the colours, fonts, the way in which certain elements, like a drop-down menu or the way other buttons act or react when you hover over them or click them, this is all Front-End Development. It is the way that the actual Web Design is laid out on the internet for people to view and interact across various browsers E.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari or different devices E.g. Smart Phones, Tablets etc.

Fat SEO & Digital Services has passionate programmers who are experts at HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These are the tools used to build websites, everything that a user sees when a website is loaded is a mix of these 3 tools. Without all 3 tools, or extensive knowledge of them you will have an unattractive, inconsistent, subpar website. If your website were a house, HTML, CSS and JavaScript would define everything within it, the wall, doors, roof, flooring, toilet etc. 

The main roles of a Front-End Developer are to create a great user experience and interactivity throughout the website, while keeping the coding simple and clean. Like people, computers communicate through language.

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The way computers communicate to the internet is through HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language.  HTML is a structured language that allows elements to be structured on a website. HTML is the builder of a website, it defines all of the information like the type of content we are wanting to add and also how to display the content E.g. A header, sub header, paragraph, table or an image and so on. 

CSS is Cascade-Style-Sheets, and as it sounds it allows styling to produce the visual presentation you are going for. It is a very powerful tool in that it allows us to create the total mood and tone of the website. Colours, fonts, background images and having elements displayed differently like horizontal or vertical can all be manipulated using CSS. We also use CSS to adapt to different devices and screen sizes.

JavaScript is what programs a website. We have the structure of a website through the use of HTML and the styling has been done through CSS, but now we need the website to be fun and engaging. JavaScript creates the interactivity for the user in that it makes websites dynamic instead of static. JavaScript manipulates the controls and behaviours of a browser which equals visual effects etc. A few examples are special or visual effects on a website such as when a pop-up box appears on your screen prompting you to take an action or even just a check out form.

Fat SEO & Digital Services build all websites with a perfect harmony of Front-End Development tools using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to bring your website to life and create a beautiful website for your end user that will deliver business growth.

Back-End Development

Back-End development is the technology and programming that is done behind the scenes, commonly referred to as the ‘Server Side’, it encompasses everything that powers and ensures your website runs smoothly. It is like the machine or the brain of the website that is always running in the background. 

Your website is stored on a server, a server is responsible for storing, retrieving and sending files and requests through a browser. Although what you see when surfing the web and visiting websites in almost instantaneous, there are several things happening in the back-end.

When you click on a website link for example, a request is sent to the server for a specific web page, the server then retrieves the web page and transmits it back to the browser. Once the browser has received the data the different languages talk to each other and interpret the data and then convert the code into the visual display that appears on the user’s device (Front-End development).

This is how Back-End and Front-End development work together, if things are not setup correctly in the back-end, file requests and scripts will not be handled on either end, this is a very important reason to ensure that your designers and developers are incredible at what they do. 


Your entire website will likely contain a lot of different pages, products and information. All of this information is stored on databases, which is like a library for your website that contains a huge collection of data. 

All of the back-end coding performed by our developer gurus is done to create a seamless channel from website to database so when files are requested from a browser to the server, it runs as efficient and smooth as possible and your user gets exactly what they were looking for.

Solution that can help the human race?

Your entire website will likely contain a lot of different pages, products and information. All of this information is stored on databases, which is like a library for your website that contains a huge collection of data. 

All of the back-end coding performed by our developer gurus is done to create a seamless channel from website to database so when files are requested from a browser to the server, it runs as efficient and smooth as possible and your user gets exactly what they were looking for.

What technologies drive our websites on the back-end?

Well, we use 3 main software’s that are integrated into the backend to ensure everything runs efficiently, safe and is powerful. We use PHP scripting language, it is one of the world’s most popular server-side programming languages, it is responsible for pulling and editing information from the database, where your websites content is stored. It is also an extremely powerful tool for making websites interactive and dynamic. We use PHP to create web pages written in HTML, so the user can view them. Some well-known sites around the world that rely on PHP are, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo and Tumblr.

When it comes to management of content within the database, we use MySQL system software. This is arguably the most popular language and is highly regarded for its reliability and quick processing when it comes to accessing, adding and overall management of the content that is stored. It too is used by high profile websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 

The web server software we use is Apache, it is a cross platform software, so no need to worry, it will work on pretty much any operating system you are using. Apache is the world most popular HTTP web server application, it offers a vast range of features and we can also customise and add what we call ‘modules’ to extend these features depending on what requirements your website has. When a user requests files from the web server we are utilising Apache software so that the user can access a website. A request is made by the user, the file request is handled through Apache, it then loads all the necessary scripts and ensures the correct file requests are delivered to the user. 

You can have piece of mind knowing that Fat SEO & Digital Services have the expertise at ensuring your Front-End and Back-End development work in complete harmony.

Creative Design


The old days of having a big, colourful corner advertisement in the yellow pages used to bring in all the customers, that was the old way and this the new way.

It is no surprise that with current trends both socially and technologically, more and more people are searching the internet for products and services. It is now more important than ever before to be found by the people looking for what you can offer them. In a nut shell your website is going to be an extremely important medium for you to get new customers and grow. We know through extensive experience in our dealings with a plethora of different industries that there is an enormous difference between what you think looks good, what we think looks good, what Google wants and what ultimately converts visitors to customers.

We need your website to be an asset to your business. Your website will generally be the first representation of who you are and what you are about, we have around 3-7 to grab a visitor’s attention. Before a potential customer decides whether or not they will take your websites desired actions, they are going to first form an opinion of your business through your website. Due to this we need to create a compelling story that is going to get that new customer to not only see value in your offering but make that decision to convert. Anybody can make a website but Fat SEO & Digital Services’s websites mean increased business leads, conversions and revenue.

Prospects need to see the value in you and why they should book from you, this comes in the form of content. A powerful way to add value is to communicate what differences you have in your niche market or USP (unique selling proposition), every business needs a USP to differentiate themselves from the pack.

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Interactive Design

At Fat SEO & Digital Services, we are in the business of creating memorable digital experiences.

As the use of digital technologies increases and the trend of more people using digital devices worldwide to search, purchase, connect and interact with brands and businesses it is becoming more important to have web visibility. The result is a shift in the way consumers now find a product or service they are looking for. Internet marketing has also changed the landscape of competition levels.

Now more than ever, business owners are taking notice and realising that Digital Marketing is a vital and efficient way to reach their target audience and communicate why they are the premier choice to provide their solution to a prospect’s want or need.

We specialise in helping businesses like yourself communicate your brands message in a fun, creative way that will make you stand out from a mass of competition.

All of our creative website designs are custom tailored and aligned to your project and business goals.


We understand that to maximise the potential of new customers and to nurture your current ones, your solution needs to strongly engage with your target audience on a more personal level and communicate your brand and offering effectively, our approach is and always has been delivering a custom design that focuses on meaningful communication, whilst increasing your brands aesthetic design.

Having simple, clearly defined goals will assist in the successful delivery of communication to the user.

Interactive design is exactly what it sounds like, interactive. It is making technology more interactive to the user so that they become more engaged with your website and brand. An interactive website design focuses on building an enhanced more memorable digital experience. We want a website that drives results, so to measurably drive leads and increase sales let’s move away from a simple static website and introduce a more dynamic experience for your user that will captivate their attention and produce better positive outcomes for you.

Stop burning all your fuel for skinny results

Our view is an interactive design should be simple, interesting, creative and focused on driving growth. To deliver the most persuasive message to your relevant audience an interactive website is the perfect vehicle.

The structure and visual presentation needs to be styled to ensure the user is deeply engaged with your content and has an unforgettable experience within your website, whichever device they are searching on whether it be a mobile, a tablet or a computer.

Our savvy designers love creating intelligent functional interactive designs that are engineered to work. We utilise various disciplines and methods to bring a client’s product or service to life and help solve a user’s problem in turn driving sales growth. Content, information architecture, visual design and navigational structures are thoroughly thought out, minimising roadblocks and removing clutter resulting in the user having fun and easily getting from point A to B throughout the interface as seamlessly as possible.

Through the information and images used, we utilise dynamic effects to transition from one step to the next. They won’t easily forget your website as we strategically manipulate content, animation and use guidance to invite and increase the user’s interaction within the website.

As we keep your user engaged within the website, the provided functionality and user interface will help us to control their behaviours and transition them through your information and navigate them through your sales funnel, thus creating a more memorable experience for them and aligning with your project and business ambitions.

We work with all types of brands, big, medium, small and start-ups too. No matter what you are trying to achieve, we have the knowledge, expertise and strategy to create a unique interactive design for you to help keep your next website visitor engaged for longer and have a great user experience.

The Fat SEO & Digital Services process is built around listening, understanding, educating, designing and delivering intelligent marketing solutions to cater to our client’s goals.

Responsive Design

With the speed and varying trends in technology, ensuring your website is mobile responsive is the future of commerce. Almost everyone has a smart phone nowadays and more and more people search the internet now from a mobile device like a tablet. In fact, over half of all global searches are now done on a mobile device, it is vital to the success of any business that their website no matter what the purpose be mobile responsive.

Over the past few years users have become more accustomed to and expect websites to be compatible and responsive to any device they are searching on. People are fed up with the awkwardness of accessing a website from a mobile device and being served a less than ideal digital experience.

The standard is much higher now across all industries and if you want your consumers to engage with you then you need to provide them with an interactive experience that ensures they connect to your content and delivers them down the sales funnel. A responsive website does not just mean your website looks good on a smart phone or tablet or other mobile device, it means delivering your content in the most effective way to your user so they get the most value from your website



Conversion Rate Optimisation

If you are already engaged in a marketing campaign, you are paying for website visitors. These visitors are already expressing an interest in what you can offer them as they have found you through a search of specific keywords. These visitors are more relevant and are closer to making a positive purchasing decision. You want them to make a decision to take your websites desired goals before they push the back button and choose one of your competitors. The basis of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is to increase the rate at which you are converting visitors into leads, sales and revenue from your current website traffic, without the need of driving more and more traffic to the website. This method of maximising value from each visitor makes sense if you are already spending money from your marketing budget to attract visits to your website, why not capitalise and grow?

If your website is suffering the grave reality of a loss of performance then CRO should be your next move. We have a firm understanding of conversion optimisation principles and we understand the consumer buying process, let Fat SEO & Digital Services help to lower user anxiety and increase trust and confidence to solidify that next sale.

Fat SEO & Digital Services will create more business opportunities.
More opportunity to convert.
More opportunity to buy.
More repeat business
More referrals.
More revenue for you.

conversions-web development

How does it work?

So, we have your current website, which is the control website, let’s call it ‘A’, now ‘A’ already has a sizeable number of website visitors but for one reason or another it is not performing as it should. What a sad reality! The smart cookies in Fat SEO & Digital Services design and development team will mirror ‘A’ and create a ‘B’, so now we have two identical websites that we can now test. We will create minor changes to ‘B’, against the control to see which performs better in terms of engagement and desired actions taken throughout the website. This is called an A/B Split test. We deliver 50% of current website traffic to ‘A’ and 50% to ‘B’ which has minor variations with the aim of increasing revenue on your marketing investment.


What do we focus on?

There is a lot that goes into Conversion Optimisation, however a few things we focus on are making sure the site is relevant and has clarity, your users need to understand you, trust you and see value in using you. Are all of your value propositions getting across? Is your website easy to navigate? Do you have the right call to actions (CTA)? Placement of elements, form fills, checkout etc. are all areas throughout the website we will analyse and improve upon. Through Google Analytics we get an understanding of your target audience to help them along the path of contacting you by creating urgency, minimising distractions and anxiety, and looking at other opportunities to improve on.


Let’s say we have a client that is looking to maximise website conversions. They are currently receiving 100 visitors/clicks per day and converting at 10%. This is 10 conversions per day. Through Conversion Optimisation, Fat SEO & Digital Services will make changes to increase this conversion rate. Let’s say that due to some changes we were to increase the conversions to 12 per day from the same amount of traffic. This would mean we have received a 20% increase in conversions per day. This will surely positively affect your bottom line.

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